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The Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Merck FrosstŐs Centre for Therapeutic Research devotes itself to the creation of chemical compounds that lead to the creation of new medications. The chemists have a vast range of expertise including organic chemistry, computational chemistry, analytical chemistry and metabolism of medications to dream up, conceive and create ideal molecules.

Merck Frosst assumes a social responsibility in the following sectors: promotion of medical and pharmaceutical research in universities, hospitals and other Canadian institutions. The company also sponsors programmes that help improve the quality and effectiveness of the Canadian health care system, and by supporting the general scientific education of young people. Furthermore, Merck Frosst is a member of three network excellence centres sponsored by the federal government in the areas of respiratory illnesses, genetic research and protein engineering.

The Research and Development at Merck Frosst devotes itself first and above all to the best practice of science. ItŐs by threading excellence into all its activities that Merck Frosst Canada puts forward the best quality pharmaceutical products. More than 300 researchers holding high degrees are part of the Merck Frosst team: chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists, medical researchers, pharmacologists, pharmacists and computer scientists.

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